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Life cycle of your home listing

By Chris DeLoach - February 10, 2021
The clock is ticking - your home listing has a life cycle Do you want top dollar for your home? Then you need to plan your timing well.  There are time-critical points in a listing cycle and key events that need to happen when your home is on the market for sale. Timing matters more than just time on the market. Timing on when to list, when to make price adjustments, when to adjust market

Here come the buyers

By Chris DeLoach - February 10, 2021
  Real estate is brutally competitive today.  Buyers have access to tools far better than the professional tools available to agents just a few years ago. They are extremely well informed about the market. These buyers are demanding and detailed. They expect every home to show like a model home and every seller to negotiate to a rock-bottom price. Buyers know a great deal about you

Target: For Sale by Owner

By Chris DeLoach - February 05, 2021
For sale by owners are targets for people looking for bargains. While you may think you will be saving by not paying the commission, the buyer you are attracting has a different plan. This buyer sees a “for sale by owner” as an excellent way to save on the price - since you’re not paying a commission. If you doubt this, just ask any buyer who stops by to see your home witho

Who is out there looking for your home?

By Chris DeLoach - January 20, 2021
  Who are the buyers out there looking, today Buyers are not all the same. Some are more qualified than others. Some are more motivated than others. Some buyers are in the business of buying and selling. Working with an agent who understands how to attract the right buyers for your home is extremely important to achieving your maximum return on investment. Experienced agents have wor

Location marketing

By Chris DeLoach - January 04, 2021
Location Location Location Buyers want to make the best location decisions as they search for a home. Of course in real estate, nothing is more important than location. The location of your home within the Greater Charleston Area and the location of your home with a neighborhood itself are important factors for homebuyers. Even the location within a neighborhood is important to buyers.&nbs

Buyer's agents in your home for sale

By Chris DeLoach - December 23, 2020
  Buyers agents take seriously their responsibility of looking out for their buyers' best interests.  They make the process easier for their buyers as well. And, the best buyers agents are formattable negotiators. In my opinion, every buyer needs a buyers agent. Here are some insights about how buyers agents work that might be helpful to know whether you are buying or selling

Selling? Help the buyer's agent help you

By Chris DeLoach - December 08, 2020
  More often than not, buyers looking at your home will have hired a buyers agent to help them.  You can boost your odds of selling by helping the buyer's agent. Here is how: 1. Make your house easy to access and to show. 2. Keep it clean and fresh - the buyer's agent has scheduled your home to show and feels some degree of responsibility for its condition. A clea

Winter time selling

By Chris DeLoach - November 30, 2020
When is the best time to sell? The top answer is early spring and summer. As a seller, in the spring and summer, you have the greatest level of competition from other homes on the market, balanced against the highest number of buyers out shopping. This is the most active time of the year.  The selling cycles’ tendency to peak during the summertime is probably less about the we

Make the right offer

By Chris DeLoach - November 24, 2020
You found a great home and you want to get the best possible terms. How should you structure your offer? You probably do not purchase a home very often. There is a natural tendency to want to offer a low price to see if you can find the seller's lower limit. Be careful. Offering too little may result in creating obstacles in negotiations as the seller may be offended. Offering too much


By Chris DeLoach - November 16, 2020
We know that: Everyone wants to get the best possible price for their home when they sell.  A home is only worth what a buyer will pay.  We know that listing too low will result in selling for less than what the seller might otherwise achieve.  We also know that an overpriced home will likely linger on the market, forcing price reductions that may push the final sales price



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