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Sign Here - real estate documents

By Chris DeLoach - November 12, 2020
For sale by owner?? Buying without an agent? Beware - the documents matter. Real estate transactions are legal transactions. Consequently, they involve paperwork such as contracts and addendums to contracts. The list of documents that agents use is daunting. Below is an example of many documents but the list is not complete. As a buyer or seller, one of the most important services that your re

Belle Hall in Mt Pleasant

By Chris DeLoach - November 05, 2020
  The Belle Hall Plantation community is located just off of Long Point Road in Mount Pleasant and is considered to be one of the best locations in the Charleston area for overall convenience and balance of lifestyle and shopping. From the Belle Hall area location, you have easy access via 526 and Long Point Road to anywhere in the Charleston region. You will find yourself just five minute

FSBO "sale by owner" 101

By Chris DeLoach - October 27, 2020
  Deciding if you want to try to sell your home For Sale by Owner (FSBO) is common among sellers. There is no right or wrong answer. Each situation is different and each buyer has different considerations to weigh. Will doing an FSBO save me on the bottom line? Do I want the hassle? Will I be ready to manage the negotiations, especially if a skilled agent is on the buyers' side?

Oyster Point in Mt Pleasant

By Chris DeLoach - October 16, 2020
Oyster Point, an amazingly well-designed community in Mount Pleasant, offers a beautiful view of Hamlin Sound, Grey Bay, and the intercoastal waterway. Located just off Rifle Range Road, this beautiful community is among the most desirable in the Charleston area. Oyster Point is about the quality of life, connecting with neighbors, and communing with nature. The 600-acre development includes

The art of pricing your home to sell

By Chris DeLoach - October 15, 2020
  Determining your home's market value is key to proper pricing. It is unwise to base the valuation of your home on an algorithm generated by an online program. Your home is likely your most valuable financial asset. Listing it correctly will impact your bottom line.  We have good computer models, but they can not replace an appraiser or a competent broker. Home valuation is li

That Loving Feeling

By Chris DeLoach - October 10, 2020
Help them get that loving feeling! Think back to when you purchased your first home if you have purchased one.  You probably looked at a lot of homes and weighed the relative merits. Do you recall the feeling you got when you went to your home and it felt “right” … it felt “homey”? There was something different about THAT home that moved you to ma

Avoid that stale listing di$count !

By Chris DeLoach - October 09, 2020
            Price it perfectly for maximum return on investment  Home pricing is a science and an art. It helps to have plenty of experience as well. For the most money in your pocket, you will need to pinpoint the critical best range for pricing your home.  The #1 cause of a stale listing - overpricing Of all of the things you can do to sell your

Cost of renting

By Chris DeLoach - October 09, 2020
There is no question that purchasing a home requires careful financial consideration. But homeownership, having your own home, is the American dream that embodies so much more than the monetary investment. Choosing to rent rather than choosing to own a home may be a wise decision for a limited few. For the majority of individuals, renting is a decision that will be far more expensive and signifi

The MLS, not what you think

By Chris DeLoach - October 02, 2020
What is the MLS, really? As a seller or as a buyer, you know the MLS is a way you can get information about homes that are for sale. But, it is much more. To begin with, you need to look at how the MLS developed. The MLS, Multiple Listing Service, started back in the 1800s. On certain days, members of the board of Realtors would meet to exchange information about their listings. Often these me

Home improvements that count

By Chris DeLoach - September 28, 2020
If you’re thinking about selling your home, or if you just want to be thrifty about how you invest in home improvements, consider the following: not every home-improvement results in a 100% return on investment. In reality, it’s rare for any home-improvement to return a 100% return on investment. Many homeowners are under the impression that any improvements they make will boost the



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