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Reasons to rent

By Chris DeLoach - September 07, 2020
    Reasons for renting If you are currently renting a home in Charleston, or are searching for a rental property, you may have noticed that rents have been rising rapidly. Charleston has a great deal of demand for rental properties and has among the highest rents in the country. With rising rental rates, low-interest rates on mortgages, and the potential for significant appreciat

Disadvantages of buying new construction

By Chris DeLoach - September 06, 2020
  There are some disadvantages as well when purchasing new construction: The number one concern I hear from Charleston buyers is that new construction homes tend to be on smaller lots making the homes closer together. With the high demand for all homes in our area and strain on the labor supply for construction, if you are purchasing a new construction home that is not built yet, it ma

Advantages of new construction in Charleston

By Chris DeLoach - September 05, 2020
  New construction homes and communities are attractive to many buyers for their numerous advantages. Here are a few:  With housing demand so high in the Charleston market, finding the right home that is new construction can be a simpler process than shopping for a resale. In Charleston, with new construction, you may have a higher likelihood of getting the builder to accept a con

Fishing for buyers

By Chris DeLoach - September 04, 2020
Fishing is popular all around the Charleston area. It is one of my favorite activities as well. In many ways, selling a home is like fishing. You plan your strategy, choose your tools, and select the correct timing. The best conditions matter. The right bait matters.  When I think about pricing a home too high, it reminds me of how not to fish. Fish bite when the conditions are right

Is "new" your favorite color? Advantages of new construction

By Chris DeLoach - September 04, 2020
Are you ready to start searching for a new construction home? One of my favorite experiences is walking into a brand new home with a buyer and watching the expression on his or her face as they take in the moment. A brand new home is indeed a beautiful thing. Sparkling new appliances, fresh paint, shining hardwoods, and bright carpets, stylish new hardware, and even the latest bathroom fixture

PMI - private mortgage insurance

By Chris DeLoach - September 03, 2020
  PMI - What is it and do you need it? In addition to the government guarantees that are available to banks (VA, FHA, USDA), there is also private mortgage insurance or PMI. Of course, the big benefits to the borrower in using a government-guaranteed loan is avoiding private mortgage insurance, an added expense to your monthly payment.   As long as the lender has more than

Power of Attorney in home buying

By Chris DeLoach - September 01, 2020
A power of attorney (POA) allows someone to “stand in the place of” someone else with regard to making a contract or other legal decision. This is a powerful instrument and should be used with care. If you assign power of attorney to someone, giving them the right to act on your behalf, they will have the power to bind you to contracts just as if you had been the one signing the pape

Back up offers

By Chris DeLoach - August 31, 2020
  Once you have an offer on your home for sale, and you have accepted that offer, is your home no longer available for other potential buyers to tour? That is up to you. You may benefit from allowing agents to continue showing your home. Why would you consider this? Should your deal fall through, this could reduce your selling time if you have a backup offer in hand from someone who is wai

From "active" to "active-contingent"

By Chris DeLoach - August 30, 2020
  When you list your property for sale, and your Realtor creates a write-up to be included in the multiple listing service, your property is entered as "Active ". This tells the world that you are ready to begin considering offers for your home for sale. Once you receive an offer, and you and the purchaser agree to the terms, the offer is signed and becomes a contract. The list

Visiting Charleston for more than a day, some things to do

By Chris DeLoach - August 29, 2020
  Downtown Historic Charleston is a good start but only a small part of the long list of great things to do on a day trip to Charleston.   If you're interested in plantations, Charleston has a few that are open to the public and are well worth a visit. Boone Hall Plantation is located in Mount Pleasant and is known for being the most photographed plantation in America. It has s



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