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One day to visit Charleston

By Chris DeLoach - August 28, 2020
  Planning a short visit to Charleston and looking for a few ideas of what you should do?? The real challenge in answering this question is limiting the list. Charleston is one of those rare places that the opportunities are so abundant, and so many of the opportunities are of such high quality, that making a shortlist of things to do during a quick visit is a tall task. And, if you ask

Do you need flood insurance in Charleston?

By Chris DeLoach - August 27, 2020
What about flood insurance in Charleston? Unlike areas that are inland that have flooding, flooded in Charleston recedes quickly and usually causes minimal damage. Most flooding is associated with heavy rains rather than rising waters. Most people who live in Charleston are not affected by flooding. The flip side of having the water all around the Charleston area is that the Lowcountr

Real estate wisdom

By Chris DeLoach - August 26, 2020
Many of our greatest investors, philosophers, politicians, and writers have proclaimed their belief that owning real estate is just a smart thing to do. Here is what they have had to say: “Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.&rdquo

Offer tips

By Chris DeLoach - August 25, 2020
Here are a few tips to consider when making an offer or a counter-offer: Avoid letting emotions get in the way when formulating an offer or responding to a counteroffer. Keep your emotions out of the process. But, the seller’s emotions can be used to your advantage if you are savvy about it. Know your maximum price. Know your minimum concessions. Know the terms that are a must for you

Planning your offer

By Chris DeLoach - August 24, 2020
  The initial offer is absolutely critical. It is the basis for the entire negotiation process and it is the foundation for the closing. Consequently, you should create an offer that is well planned and as logically driven (on your side) as possible. While using emotion to help drive the seller to come your way is a solid tactic, you should try to avoid emotional involvement yourself durin

The best time to hire an agent

By Chris DeLoach - August 23, 2020
When is the best time for me to begin working with the buyer's agent?  The best time to call your buyer's agent and get them involved with your home search is at the beginning. Your buyer's agent can be instrumental in helping you sort through the new communities that are out there. Also, to ensure everyone is playing fair, and that you did not discover a community wit

Buying new construction ... why have an agent?

By Chris DeLoach - August 22, 2020
Even with new construction, you should have your own agent. Here are three reasons why: To look out for your interests To increase the likelihood that you will receive the best service, and best deal, from the builder It will cost you nothing Agents represent many buyers. Builders look at a buyer with an agent as important not only for the immediate sale but also for additional sale

Why you need to be concerned about interest rates

By Chris DeLoach - August 21, 2020
  Interest rates are low. Interest rates are very low. BUT - they are rising. Lower interest rates mean you can buy a more expensive home. Lower interest rates mean your home will cost you less each month. Want a low-cost mortgage? Today, you’re in the market to buy a home. You want to buy the most house you can for your money. You scratch your head and wonder whether or not yo

Smart buyers: perspective and success

By Chris DeLoach - August 20, 2020
  A few thoughts to ponder about keeping the buying process in perspective: “We want to look at everything before we make a decision.” Well, no, you probably don’t. In any given month, there are thousands of homes on the market, and new inventory added daily. The home search process can be overwhelming especially in an area with so much variety and opportuni

Just the right size

By Chris DeLoach - August 18, 2020
  A dynamic shift in the expectations of home buyers is underway. New homes being built today are getting smaller. But, the demand for quality is up. Are we trading the McMansion for the Tiny House? Not exactly.  We saw a peak in the average size for homes sold in the US in 2015. That year, the average hit 2,520 square feet. That is huge from a historical perspective. Since 2015



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