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Life cycle of your home listing

By Chris DeLoach - February 10, 2021

The clock is ticking - your home listing has a life cycle

Do you want top dollar for your home? Then you need to plan your timing well. 

There are time-critical points in a listing cycle and key events that need to happen when your home is on the market for sale. Timing matters more than just time on the market. Timing on when to list, when to make price adjustments, when to adjust marketing, and ... when to rethink who you hired to sell your home. 

First impressions matter significantly when selling a home. This applies when showing your home (30 seconds to make a great first impression) and when your home is posted online. The minute your home hits the MLS, it shows as an alert to all area Realtors. Most follow new listings daily and look to new listings as the starting point as they consider their buyer-clients who are actively looking today. These are the "hot buyers". This alert is referred to as the daily  "hot sheet" and it highlights all the new activity on any given day.

Once your home hits the hot sheet, the clock on the listing cycle starts running. You have a limited time before your new listing degrades down to a "stale" listing. Just like a product on the shelf of your local grocery store, your listing has a "best used by" date. No one actually prints that date on the listing but it will become obvious as showing slow or stop. Just like a product on the shelf, if it sits too long, you may well need to lower the price below what you would have sold it for early on. And, if a listing sits long enough, it will "expire". 

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