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By Chris DeLoach - January 04, 2021

Location Location Location

Buyers want to make the best location decisions as they search for a home. Of course in real estate, nothing is more important than location. The location of your home within the Greater Charleston Area and the location of your home with a neighborhood itself are important factors for homebuyers. Even the location within a neighborhood is important to buyers. 

Charleston is a large area with diverse communities and increasingly complex traffic patterns. In order to attract the right buyer to your home for sale, step into the shoes of the new arrivals. Think about what qualities of your location are attractive. In your marketing, promoting your location is important.  What around you attracted you when you made your purchase? What attracted you to the area? The same sorts of things will attract the next buyer.

If your buyer is from out of town, the chances are good that they will not know very much about your neighborhood. If they have a good agent working with them, the agent has spent time helping them narrowed down their focus prior to beginning their search. However, avoid making the assumption that your house is in the location that meets their needs.

Make it easy for them by offering excellent area information. Proactively address their concerns. Spend time in advance thinking about what a new arrival might experience.  How can you, as a seller, help the buyers understand that your home and its location are right for them?

Many Charleston new arrivals are challenged by:

  • school zone choices
  • tax differences across areas
  • across market pricing differences (that prices are substantially higher as you move closer to the beach or downtown)
  • that many area neighborhoods have small lots
  • that we do not have basements
  • many, especially from colder states, do not know what a heat pump is or why we have so many all-electric homes.
  • many are surprised that many neighborhoods do not offer natural gas.
  • more and more try to avoid HOAs in an area where HOAs are everywhere.

Attracting buyers who are most likely to purchase your property is key to minimizing on-market time. 

The take away is simply that as a seller, you need to focus your marketing on the right buyers by emphasizing key attractive qualities of your location. Your real estate professional is experienced with targeting marketing efforts to reach the right buyers most likely to select your location for their next home.

When you're ready to purchase a home or sell a home in the Charleston area, give me a call. It would be my pleasure to help you achieve success.

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