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Location marketing

By Chris DeLoach - January 04, 2021
Location Location Location Buyers want to make the best location decisions as they search for a home. Of course in real estate, nothing is more important than location. The location of your home within the Greater Charleston Area and the location of your home with a neighborhood itself are important factors for homebuyers. Even the location within a neighborhood is important to buyers.&nbs

Buyer's agents in your home for sale

By Chris DeLoach - December 23, 2020
  Buyers agents take seriously their responsibility of looking out for their buyers' best interests.  They make the process easier for their buyers as well. And, the best buyers agents are formattable negotiators. In my opinion, every buyer needs a buyers agent. Here are some insights about how buyers agents work that might be helpful to know whether you are buying or selling

Winter time selling

By Chris DeLoach - November 30, 2020
When is the best time to sell? The top answer is early spring and summer. As a seller, in the spring and summer, you have the greatest level of competition from other homes on the market, balanced against the highest number of buyers out shopping. This is the most active time of the year.  The selling cycles’ tendency to peak during the summertime is probably less about the we

Make the right offer

By Chris DeLoach - November 24, 2020
You found a great home and you want to get the best possible terms. How should you structure your offer? You probably do not purchase a home very often. There is a natural tendency to want to offer a low price to see if you can find the seller's lower limit. Be careful. Offering too little may result in creating obstacles in negotiations as the seller may be offended. Offering too much

Sign Here - real estate documents

By Chris DeLoach - November 12, 2020
For sale by owner?? Buying without an agent? Beware - the documents matter. Real estate transactions are legal transactions. Consequently, they involve paperwork such as contracts and addendums to contracts. The list of documents that agents use is daunting. Below is an example of many documents but the list is not complete. As a buyer or seller, one of the most important services that your re

The MLS, not what you think

By Chris DeLoach - October 02, 2020
What is the MLS, really? As a seller or as a buyer, you know the MLS is a way you can get information about homes that are for sale. But, it is much more. To begin with, you need to look at how the MLS developed. The MLS, Multiple Listing Service, started back in the 1800s. On certain days, members of the board of Realtors would meet to exchange information about their listings. Often these me

About the money - financing considerations

By Chris DeLoach - September 25, 2020
  Let's take a quick look at one of the most important elements you need to review in an offer: financing It is important to know how the buyer plans to pay for the home. In some cases, it might be a cash offer. More typically, financing is involved. Certain types of financing make the purchase a little more complicated and closing a little less certain. For example, a VA loan

Negotiate like a pro

By Chris DeLoach - September 22, 2020
As with sailboat racing in the Charleston Harbor, closing a deal with favorable terms involves skill and tactics.  Here are a few things I have learned that may help you as you negotiate: Give away as little motivational information as possible while staying within the bounds of what is legally required to be disclosed. Know your line in the sand. You must know what you are willing t

Make me an offer

By Chris DeLoach - September 20, 2020
Offers often come with unexpected challenges. Looking at the offer as objectively as possible is key to working with the offer effectively. Some of the subtleties involved in how an offer is written are important. An experienced listing agent can look at an offer and discern clues about the flexibility of the buyer that should be anticipated in additional negotiations. Also, a strong buyers age

Earnest money

By Chris DeLoach - September 17, 2020
  Ernest money is offered for solidifying an offer into a contract. It is the glue that binds the offer and is the primary legal "consideration" for the offer, a necessary element in forming a contract. Earnest money is presented with the offer, or soon thereafter. It provides security for the seller and a motivation to close for the buyer. There is no set sum or percenta



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