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Cost of renting

By Chris DeLoach - October 09, 2020
There is no question that purchasing a home requires careful financial consideration. But homeownership, having your own home, is the American dream that embodies so much more than the monetary investment. Choosing to rent rather than choosing to own a home may be a wise decision for a limited few. For the majority of individuals, renting is a decision that will be far more expensive and signifi

What you miss when you rent

By Chris DeLoach - September 08, 2020
    Appreciation potential and tax advantages are often cited as the primary reasons to own a home. But, are these the most important factors? What about the old-fashioned idea of owning a home that is right for you: one that carries with it pride of ownership and all of the underlying personal and emotional reasons for homeownership? Owning a home is far more than just owning an inv

Reasons to rent

By Chris DeLoach - September 07, 2020
    Reasons for renting If you are currently renting a home in Charleston, or are searching for a rental property, you may have noticed that rents have been rising rapidly. Charleston has a great deal of demand for rental properties and has among the highest rents in the country. With rising rental rates, low-interest rates on mortgages, and the potential for significant appreciat



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